The Poetry of rough concrete

The collection Concrete Garden designed by Tina Rugelj satisfies the wish to design filigree furniture with the qualities of fibre-cement. It also serves to reveal another side of concrete aesthetics. It transforms a rough and cold material into elegant shapes, and thin objects into strong structures. The first prototypes were presented at the Salone Satellite 2012 inside the Milan Furniture Fair and at the international Biennial of Design BIO23 in Ljubljana. The collection was awarded also as Best Furniture design of the year 2013 by the Design Society of Slovenia. The collection is produced in Slovenia by the Esal Company specialized in producing construction materials such as facade panels and corrugated roofing.

Strong shapes belie the material’s thinness, lightness and strength.
— Nicole Swengley, Financial Times
But therein lies the allure of fibre reinforcement, which allows concrete to take precise patterns and forms, transforming a cold building material into a thin, elegant structure with incredible strength.
— Jennifer Krichels, Financial Times
We asked 10 of the world’s top designers to show us the design today that provides a window into the world of tomorrow. Terry Chow, the founder of design label Foxcat, which specializes in minimalist luxury tech furniture, selects Slovenian architect Tina Rugelj’s “chic concrete” garden collection.
— CNN Style