Concrete Garden is a line of fine outdoor furniture made of natural fiber cement. It is thin yet load-bearing, light yet water resistant and velvety and warm to touch even though it is made of concrete. The favorable characteristics of fiber cement are captured in the design of the collection. Concrete Garden celebrates the appearance of raw concrete. Tiny imperfections are visible on the surface and the material gains a noble patina as it ages.

Each furniture piece is made from a single panel of fiber cement. Natural fiber cement is not harmful to health and environment. Instead of steel, polyvinyl alcohol and cellulose fibers are used for reinforcement. To learn more about how furniture from the thinnest form of concrete is produced, see the video below.



ConcreteGarden_foto-KRazinger_Concrete furniture_PRODUCTION


Damp and soft fiber cement panels are cut and transferred to the mold. Each shape of a single furniture piece is cut with a water jet and transferred to the mold where it is hand finished. After 24 hours, the mold is taken apart and the piece is left to dry for three weeks. Then, it is sanded and covered with double layer of water resistant coating. 

ConcreteGarden_foto-KRazinger_Concrete furniture_LIGHT


The furniture is light enough to be moved around, in contrast to heavier furniture pieces made of common concrete. The lightest piece (the Sink) weighs 7 kg and the heaviest piece (the Double bench) weighs 56 kg.

ConcreteGarden_foto-KRazinger_Concrete furniture_LOAD BEARING


Before hardening, fiber cement is a highly moldable material. Once it hardens, it is stable, load-bearing and weather-resistant.

The capacity of the Seater is approximately 180 kg. The capacity of the Double Bench is 360 kg – 180 kg per bench.



ConcreteGarden_foto-KRazinger_Concrete furniture_MODULAR


The Seater comes in two variants: with left and right armrest. This enables you to freely combine two chairs into a two-seater or keep them separated. The 4-in-1 Planter can be used as a pot for bigger plants, a coffee table and a storage container. It is even sturdy enough to serve as a chair when needed.

ConcreteGarden_foto-KRazinger_Concrete furniture_THIN


The thickness of Concrete Garden products varies between 10 and 16 mm. Fiber cement is the thinnest form of concrete: because it is thin, light and durable, it is mostly used for corrugated roof slates.

ConcreteGarden_foto-KRazinger_Concrete furniture_WATERPROOF


Fiber cement is weather-resistant. Concrete Garden furniture endures cold, heat, snow and rain. This makes it the optimal choice for gardens, courtyards, and other open spaces.