What is fiber cement?

Fiber cement is long-lasting building material mostly used for roof slates and façade panels. It is not harmful to health and environment. Instead of steel, cellulose fibers are used for reinforcement. 95% of fiber cement is composed of natural raw materials: cement, pulverized limestone, water, and air. The fiber cement used in Concrete Garden is produced by Slovenian company Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. Fiber cement is one of the thinnest forms of concrete available.

How was the collection developed?

Tina Rugelj developed the collection in 2012 for Salone Satellite, an exhibition at Milan furniture fair dedicated to young talents. In the search for the thinnest form of concrete, Tina has discovered fiber cement, produced by Slovenian company Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. The main activity of the company is the production of corrugated roof slates. They seldom venture into designing other products, so developing a new product was a new and unconventional experience for both parties.

What is the weight capacity of the Seater and the Double Bench?

The capacity of the Seater is approximately 180 kg. The capacity of the Double Bench is 360 kg – 180 kg per bench.


What is the delivery time for Concrete Garden products?

If the piece you ordered is already in stock, it will be delivered to your doorstep in a few days time. If the item is not in stock, the maximum waiting time is 6 weeks from the day the order was placed. If you wish to order larger quantities of Concrete Garden furniture, please contact us at info@concretegarden.eu to arrange a custom-made offer.


How should I maintain Concrete Garden furniture?

Fiber cement furniture needs no special maintenance. The material is undergoing the process of natural aging. Strains from weather and local environment may cause dirt to form on the material. Dirt, sediments, and algae or moss build-up can be removed with water and dish detergent. If high-pressure water cleaning is chosen to clean the furniture, we recommend the pressure to be set between 40-80 bars.


How to move and store Concrete Garden furniture?

Concrete Garden furniture can remain outside throughout the year. The stains from winter weather can be cleaned in spring with water and dish detergent. When moved, furniture should not be pulled around on the floor. It is recommended that two persons move the Seater, the Dog house, and the Double Bench. The Double Bench comes equipped with supporting handles which ease the moving process.