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Tina Rugelj is an architect and interior designer. Concrete Garden collection is her first (and definitely not last) step in the field of product and furniture design. After years of collaboration with established architecture offices Tina opened her own studio in 2011. Tina Rugelj architecture&design specializes in home design, interiors and hospitality architecture.

Tina’s longtime wish to develop her own furniture piece intertwined with her professional practice. Concrete represented the perfect balance between architectural and design aspects of her work. Slovenian company Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. produces one of the world’s thinnest concretes - natural fiber cement - based on Swiss technology. Tina developed collaboration with Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. in 2012 to produce the sleek and light Concrete Garden collection, which was first presented at Milan furniture fair the same year.

“The collection I have envisioned is an answer to the need for a filigree furniture line with aesthetics of concrete. My furniture presents concrete from another angle; the cold material adopts elegant shapes and thin objects become statically firm elements.”